Shaquille O’Neal’s eye opening teaching to youngster, illustrates deference between choice and decision

Shaquille O’Neal is always a good storyteller and a great motivator too in the NBA universe. He became the icon of basketball for his formidable supremacy, which is rare to see nowadays.

Recently in an interview, the Legend shared his story with the headline “The Difference between Choices and Decisions.” 

As per Shaq, there are choices and then there are decisions. He stated, “One of my sons, he said dad I made a bad choice. I said no son you made a bad decision. Son asked again, what do you mean by that? I said if you could sit down and think about a choice and think about the consequences of that choice and you know there’s ramifications if you do the wrong thing then you made a bad decision”

O’Neal’s dominance and confidence have earned him a sizable fan base. The GOAT is revered by his most devoted fans, who find in him a source of motivation and inspiration. Also, he doesn’t engage in any harmful routines. When contentious events, such as the Irving saga with the Amazon film and many others, arose, the all-star was there to provide his balanced opinion.

In addition to being the best basketball player of all time, Shaquille O’Neal is a wonderful father. A father like Shaq is a blessing to his children, who can always count on his unwavering love and encouragement.


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