‘‘Solidified Hall of Famer’’: Jets DT Solomon Thomas lavishes praise on Aaron Rodgers’ ability to inspire teammates

The four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers did not merely strengthen the Jets roster after moving to New York with his 18 years of experience in the NFL, in addition, he also seems to have instilled a spirit of inspiration and joy throughout Salmon Thomas and his team.

Aaron Rodgers' Jets jersey will be No. 8, not Joe Namath's 12

Having Randall Cobb as a teammate and being added to the Jets roster were Rodgers’ two biggest dreams at one point, there was a time it seemed like a daydream, however, now that they have both come true, the quarterback appears to have an entirely fresh outlook on life.

Can Aaron Rodgers lead the Jets to success?

From his first day with the Jets onward, Rodgers has demonstrated his commitment and self-assurance, additionally, the 39-year-old quarterback even displayed these traits during OTAs, where he appeared extra focused and fired up for a potential Super Bowl run. Seeing him shout “Jets won the Super Bowl” during Taylor Swift’s concert also helps one to understand his thirst for the Jet’s success.

Since moving to New York, A-Rod has completely changed the atmosphere in the locker room, and de Thomas also claimed that the quarterback provides the veterans and young Jets players with the inspiration they would need to keep striving for victory through his experience and leadership.

“The room is buzzing right now — the building is buzzing — and it’s buzzing for a reason,” he said. “You bring in a solidified Hall of Famer like Aaron Rodgers and it’s going to change some things. His leadership, his knowledge, the way he plays the game — you know he’s going to put up points and you know he’s going to play smart football. It brings a whole new youthfulness around this team, even for the vets,” he said.

Although the future cannot be foreseen, it appears that Aaron has acquired the Tom Brady effect, who, on the cusp of his career, also played a crucial role in changing the circumstances of the Buccaneers and later assisted them in winning the Super Bowl.

How did Solomon Thomas do last season?

Following one season with the Raiders, Thomas initially signed with the Jets in the offseason on a one-year, $2.25 million deal. Thomas is tenacious, which this team desperately needs given the DEs recent resignation from the team, and is currently in his second season on this roster.

Breaking down what Solomon Thomas brings to the NY Jets defense

The former Raiders star player played in all 26 of the Jets’ games last year, recording 13 tackles and 13 assists, but only recording a half-sack.

Though Solomon was not very impressive in his first season, with Rodgers on the Jets roster, the one-time Super Bowl Champion team can hope for a big leap this season.


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