“The Jets won the Super Bowl”: Aaron Rodgers’ bizarre statement during Taylor Swift concert at MetLife Stadium confused New York fans

The time of Aaron Rodgers in New York is going in full swing, having a good time during practice sessions, attending the concert, and proclaiming the Jets as the Super Bowl champions.

Last month, the quarterback claimed that he was still in disbelief over the realization of his dream of joining the Jets squad, which is what gives him happiness and excitement in the present.

“I’m having a blast. I am having an absolute blast. It’s been so fun,” he cited.

Aaron Rodgers bizarrely declared Jets won the Super Bowl

The four-time MVP was on hand at Taylor Swift’s MetLife concert in East Rutherford, New Jersey. He was having fun at the concert, as evidenced by his obvious excitement, yet during the midst of it all, the quarterback said something weird, claiming that the Jets had won the Super Bowl.

“The Jets won the Super Bowl!” he stated shouting.

During his NFL career, the former Packers player only managed to win the championship for his team once, in 2021. Despite his best efforts, his luck did not change for the remainder of his career; however, Rodgers’ time is not over, and the quarterback now hopes to capture a second championship in the city of New York.

NFL fans’ reaction to Aaron Rodger’s unusual Jets Super Bowl remark

Many of A-Rod’s fans admired his self-assurance and commitment to the team, nevertheless, many other fans did not think much of it and instead made fun of the former Super Bowl champion for being overconfident. 

Aarons’ statement drew the remark, “King of cringe,” from one supporter.

The quarterback for the 39-year-old Jets is not as physically fit as he was during the beginning of his career in Green Bay, but for him, every day on the Jets roster is like the first day of school. Some supporters believe that he won’t be able to maintain this attitude and will lose himself halfway through the season.


We don’t know what the future holds, but we are glad to see A-rod having fun after a dark time that may have led him to consider leaving the NFL.


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