Spurs’ rookie Victor Wembanyama targeting LeBron James for epic showdown: “It’s gonna feel special to dunk someday like LeBron”

Despite being 38 years old, LeBron James has remained a strong force in the NBA, outperforming several great players. The rookie class of this year acknowledges the influence James has had on their careers as they get ready to take on their league idol.

Among them, Victor Wembanyama, a highly anticipated talent, has drawn much interest and is now anxious to demonstrate his abilities against the star player for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Wembanyama, who stands a towering 7 feet 4 inches tall, is ready to have a revolutionary influence on the sport. Analysts are gushing about his potential. Despite all the attention he was receiving, the modest 19-year-old didn’t hide his confidence on Draught Night.

Victor Wembanyama sets sights on LeBron James

A recent video of various rookies talking about the guy they would most like to dunk on. While a few cited Giannis Antetokounmpo and Anthony Davis, the bulk stated that they wanted to posterize LeBron James. Along with Taylor Hendricks, Keyonte George, Bilal Coulibaly, Jaime Jaquez Jr., Brandon Miller, and Dereck Lively II, Victor Wembanyama expressed his enthusiasm for the chance to dunk on the illustrious athlete.

LeBron James is an icon, and Wembanyama acknowledged this by saying, “[Dunking on] everyone would be special, but hopefully, someday, dunking on LeBron would feel extraordinary.” There is no question that the first matchup between Wemby and Bron will be exciting. The lakers forward will undoubtedly provide some rookies with a humiliating experience given his reputation and abilities, as Jayson Tatum can confirm.

 What did LeBron said about Victor? 

Victor Wembanyama Gives Interesting Response to LeBron James' Praise of Him

The 19-year-old French centre Victor Wembanyama has been creating a stir and fascination with his extraordinary physical characteristics and abilities. Wembanyama is a special talent who stands at an astounding 7 feet 4 inches with an 8 foot wingspan.

He has exceptional ball handling skills and a flair for outside shooting. Due to Wembanyama’s outstanding mix of height, fluidity, and elegance on the basketball court, LeBron James himself acknowledged his unusual talents, referring to him as “alien” rather than just a unicorn.

“We’re labeling him like this unicorn thing,” James told reporters in a press conference. “Everybody has been a unicorn over the last few years but he’s more like an alien. I’ve never seen — no one has ever seen — anyone as tall as he is, but as fluid and as graceful as he is on the floor.”

Wembanyama responded to LeBron James comments by saying, “I appreciate being called an alien, it’s just something not from this planet. I adore being dubbed an alien. Actually, that’s what I strive to be: something distinctive and special.” James is aware of the difficulties and expectations surrounding Wembanyama since he felt them himself before playing in his first NBA game.

James, the all-time top scorer in the league, can identify with the attention and excitement surrounding Wembanyama’s career because he was a highly anticipated high school talent.

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