Stephen A. Smith claims Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes “can match Tom Brady’s seven Super Bowl wins” after the two-time MVP defeats Eagles

Patrick Mahomes was one of the main reasons the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl this year. Mahomes is undoubtedly one of the best quarterbacks of the tournament, and he even managed to win the MVP award. After the heroic performance of the quarterback, Stephen A. Smith claims that Patrick Mahomes is on his way to matching TB12’s feats!

After the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl, many people started to compare their star quarterback with the GOAT of the NFL, Tom Brady. Reporters even asked the same question to Mahomes, who told them to come to him after he turned 38.

However, now that he has led his side to their second Super Bowl victory in four years, Smith was asked whether Patrick “can” “get close to Brady’s seven rings.”

Answering this question in the positive, Stephen said that Mahomes could indeed do it. Later, Smith goes on to show why he thinks the Chiefs’ quarterback is more than capable of doing so.

What facts does Stephen A. Smith show about Patrick Mahomes?

While giving his reasons, Stephen said, as a quarterback, Mahomes did an exceptional job winning the Super Bowl without the services of Tyreek Hill, who he considers “one of the top three to five wide receivers in the National Football League.”

Moreover, despite his injury, Patrick Mahomes played with the same winning spirit in all the games. Smith talking about Mahomes’s sprained ankle, said,

“to go in the playoffs and beat Jacksonville, beat the Cincinnati Bengals, and then go up against the Philadelphia Eagles defense, be down ten points, on one leg basically, and come back and beat them in the second half.”

“When you pull stuff like that off, it’s very difficult to talk about what you can’t do. He has shown that there’s very little he can’t do as a quarterback.”

It seems like Patrick Mahomes has certainly caught the eye of Stephen with his gameplay and will likely catch many other sights too. Whether or not Patrick can reach Tom Brady’s level remains a question mark. However, he is on the right track.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Can Patrick Mahomes catch with Tom Brady? Share your opinion in the comments.


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5 thoughts on “Stephen A. Smith claims Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes “can match Tom Brady’s seven Super Bowl wins” after the two-time MVP defeats Eagles”

  1. Hell yes Patrick mahomes will win one super bowl over Tom Brady and he won’t even be Tom Brady age we’re talking about eight super bowls before Patrick Mahomes careers is over

  2. Great qtrback. Does it all better than any other but needs the supporting cast to do his thing. If support is there, no stopping him, assuming he stays healthy.

  3. Yes!!! He can and That’s what People is Mad & Hating on Him For!!! He has the Time to Do It, He Will Be The Next Goat!!!


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