Stephen Curry’s three-pointer stuns the football world, leaves coaching staff of Rockets in awe

The Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has finally found his rhythm back. Yet again, the Baby-Faced Assassin has proven why he is this year’s NBA Finals MVP. Throughout the match, the Warriors played aggressive basketball and dominated multiple quarters of the match against the Houston Rockets.

It was the Stephen Curry show all in all. He was not only burning the court with his eye-popping three-pointers but also the Rockets’ backend. Late in the fourth quarter, Curry drove the ball across the floor and sank a fadeaway three-pointer to put the icing on the cake.

Curry concluded the game with a triple-double of 33 points and 15 assists, helping Golden State to its first victory on the road in the 2022–23 NBA season.

Along with Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins, he also set a record by making a total of 23 three-pointers. This feat is unparalleled, as the trio is the first in NBA history to achieve this total. He is perhaps one of the players who defies aging despite being on the other side of 30. He stands head and shoulders above the competition because to his innovative shooting and expert dribbling.

Due to his performance, Curry is now the second-oldest NBA player to have at least 30 points and 15 assists in a single game, trailing only LeBron James. The Los Angeles Lakers star accomplished the accomplishment on November 1, 2019, against the Dallas Mavericks, scoring 39 points and giving out 16 assists at the age of 34 years and 314 days.

Steph, who is now playing in his 14th NBA season, has made it clear he has no intention of letting his age stop him. Whatever Curry is doing, whether it is working out in the gym or taking guidance from other MVPs, it is obvious that his method is effective. Curry also appeared to be the spookiest player on the court as he put the Rockets away on Sunday.

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