Nets’ Kyrie Irving offers apology to Jewish community ahead of potential return vs Grizzlies

The Brooklyn Nets star, Kyrie Irving, has been in the headlines following a controversial social media post that resulted in his suspension from the team for at least five games without pay for his “failure to disavow” anti-Semitism. The star is ready to be back on the court after being out for eight games straight. He has stepped aside from his egoistic approach and put up an apology to the Jewish community.

He had previously denied facing the team in the media session to give an official statement regarding the issue. Instead, he kept arguing that it was just a post about a random movie that he didn’t make. The 30-year-old player has finally put his pride aside and released a statement seeking an apology from those whom he hurt. He recognized the fact that it might trigger a significant portion of his admirers. Irving also posted an apology on his Instagram following the incident.

The Nets gave their star point guard a checklist to complete before he would be able to retake the court.  Accordingly, in an exclusive interview with SNY’s Ian Begley on Saturday, Irving issued an apology to the Jewish community ahead of his expected return on Sunday. 

“I really want to focus on the hurt that I caused or the impact that I made within the Jewish community. Putting some type of threat, or assumed threat, on the Jewish community,” Irving began. “I just want to apologize deeply for all my actions throughout the time that it’s been since the post was first put up. I’ve had a lot of time to think. But my focus, initially, if I could do it over, would be to heal and repair a lot of my close relationships with my Jewish relatives, brothers, and sisters.”

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