Super Bowl LVII to not feature Tom Brady as Fox pregame broadcaster after $375 million deal

Super Bowl LVII is just days away! The Chiefs will take on the Eagles. Both teams have worked hard to reach the main event of the NFL. While NFL fans are excited about the encounter, they cannot get their minds off Tom Brady either, after the GOAT of the NFL announced his retirement last week and signed a $375 million contract with Fox Sports.

TB12 always desires to be the best, no matter what he does. Working with Fx, he wants to be their “go to” sports analyst. However, just retiring from football, Brady needs some time before he can deliver his best in his new career. 

On the other hand, fans were looking forward to seeing Tom in the Super Bowl pregame show on Fox Sports. However, it might not be very pleasant for fans after discovering that Tom Brady will not be in the Fox Sports studio during Super Bowl LVII.

Why will Tom Brady not be in the Super Bowl pregame show?

Marchand was informed by Fox Sports executive producer Brad Zager that “he is not going to be on our set.” No, “he won’t be in the booth.” Brady will not be in the booth as earlier he has expressed to join the Sports channel in the fall of 2024. 

TB12, while speaking to Colin Cowherd, says he wants to be the best no matter what he does. On the other hand, after praising Fox Sports for their generosity in providing him with this opportunity, Brady reveals that he hopes to begin his career there in the fall of 2024. This would be “something great” for the NFL legend. Although it may seem like a long time, Brady has good reasons for mentioning a time frame that is more than a year away. He’s determined to excel since he hates disappointing others.

Very few people have TB12’s level of intelligence, which is what makes him so unique and why many consider him “The greatest of all time.” Nonetheless, as Tom Brady supporters, we’ll all be waiting with bated breath and our eyes glued to the TV when TB12 returns to the action.



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