Tom Brady’s rumored girlfriend Veronika Rajek teases red outfit ahead of Super Bowl LVII leading fans to speculate her supporting team

Veronika Rajek is back with more football-related photos. Last year the model became a sensation in the football world after wearing a TB12 jersey in a Buccaneers game. On the other hand, while posting about the game, she wrote on her Instagram that she loves Brady creating massive confusion among fans. 

Fans took her words seriously and thought she was in love with the NFL legend and afterward started to follow the model regularly, commenting things like “Tom Brad’y girlfriend.” With Tom Brady announcing his retirement, it became clear that Veronika was seeking the attention of Brady with her jaw-dropping beach photos. 

However, it was not just the red bikini photos that convinced fans that Rajek was after Tom but the way she wrote in her caption, “so hard to retire from beach days, so enjoy while they last ❤️.” Now that Tom Brady is out of the conversation with his retirement, Veronika Rajek sets out to attract fans with her post regarding the Super Bowl.

How is Veronika Rajek attracting NFL fans?

In her latest Instagram post, Veronika is wearing a red dress. As usual, she looks stunning as the fans wonder who she might be after this time. With no TB12 in the scene, Rajek no longer goes after any individuals. Receiving heavy criticism after Brady’s retirement post, Veronika now asks her fans, “Who do you think will hold the Lombardi trophy?” before stating, “Super Bowl weekend 🏈 in one of my fav @Fashionnova outfits.”


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It seems like the days of being Tom Brady’s rumored girlfriend are over for Veronika as she looks to become a part of the NFL world all by herself. Rajek, a model and fitness fanatic, desires to work with big sporting companies. So, getting the NFL fans’ attention is one of her number one priorities, as it will increase her chances of working with the “top guns” of the sporting industry.

Nonetheless, the comment section of her Instagram post was full of Eagles and Chiefs supporters. Veronika Rajek is here to stay in the NFL world, whether with Brady or without him.

The Super Bowl is just days away. Who do you think will win? You can share your opinion in the comments.

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