Tom Brady’s rumor girlfriend Veronika Rajek shares thirst trap of her wearing red bikini to get Bucs QB’s attention following his retirement

Veronika Rajek made a grand entrance into the NFL world as people considered her to be the rumored girlfriend of Tom Brady. Now that Tom Brady has retired, she is clearly sending signals of wanting the legend’s attention. 

The model had posted many thirty pictures on her Instagram. However, there was no solid evidence that they were meant for the NFL legend. There were minor indications hinting she had her eyes set on TB12. For instance, going to her Instagram account, you will see that she has pinned a photo where she is wearing the Brady jersey.


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A post shared by Veronika Rajek,MBA.,MSc (@veronikarajek)

Her new post was coincidentally published on the day TB12 announced his retirement, and the photo’s caption convinced fans that the model wants the attention of Tom Brady!

How Veronika wanted to attract the attention of Tom Brady with her post?

In her new Instagram picture, Veronika is wearing a red bikini and looks thirsty for someone’s attention. Who might that person be? If you are guessing the same as me, you are on the right track, and when you read the caption, all doubts will disappear from your mind. 

Rajek, in her new post, wrote, “so hard to retire from beach days, so enjoy while they last ❤️.”


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A post shared by Veronika Rajek,MBA.,MSc (@veronikarajek)

With her new post coming out on the same day Brady retired with a caption regarding “retirement,” there is no doubt that Veronika is seeking TB12’s attention. However, there has not been anything from the NFL legend’s side. Tom never even mentioned the model in any of his activities. 

Moreover, the news circulated that his divorce from Gisele Bündchen was one of the key reasons for his retirement. Brady might not be in the mood to play around with such attention seekers. However, funny things happen, and we might never know what the GOAT is thinking.

What are your thoughts on Brady and Rajek? Will they end up together? Share your opinion in the comments.

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