“I’m Paddy’s daddy” Logan Paul, KSI mocks British lightweight Paddy Pimblett after signing Prime x UFC deal with Dana White

Not too long ago, rising UFC star Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett decided to go after the Paul brothers by attacking some products they endorse or promote. The fight game being the unpredictable freak show that it is, now sees KSI and Logan Paul mocking Paddy Pimblett after their brand signed with the UFC.

UFC 282 was the last fight card of 2022 where Paddy Pimblett was scheduled to take on Jared ‘Flash’ Gordon. At that point, Paddy was a fan favorite as he had defeated Jordan Leavitt rather convincingly and also delivered speeches referring to man’s mental health. He also began broadcasting his day-to-day antics which people really seemed to enjoy.

As per the suspicion of many, Pimblett was seemingly becoming a company man. Not only did he start asking for money to do interviews, he also went after controversial figures like Ariel Helwani. The Paul brothers weren’t on the best relationship with the UFC back then either and coincidentally the ‘Baddy’ went after them as well.

Why did Logan Paul and KSI mock Paddy Pimbett?

After the super controversial decision against Jared, Paddy became petty much universally disliked barring some die-hard fans. He also suffered an injury and couldn’t make it to the UFC London roster. To add to his miseries, Logan Paul and KSI’s ‘Prime Energy Drink’ recently became a UFC partner.

After the signings Logan exclaimed, “Thanks to the UFC. It’s going to be a wild a** ride. Paddy I’m coming for you, watch out, you’re sponsored by Prime now.” KSI also decided to chime in, “He can’t promote his drink, what is it? Body fuel or some s***.” With Paul concluding, “Damn, I’m Paddy’s daddy now.”

Things don’t look like they could get any worse for baddy. Next-time he decides to act like a company man, perhaps he should remember the Logan Paul contract signing incident and humble himself.


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