“That might be interesting”: Rey Mysterio drops bombshell match scenario on Logan Paul’s podcast against his own son

Rey Mysterio issued a challenge for a distinctive match to a WWE Superstar after his triumph at WrestleMania 39.

The animosity between these two wrestlers seems to be ongoing, as Dominik Mysterio interceded in Rey’s match on RAW last night. Dominik lent a hand to Finn Balor from The Judgment Day and assisted him in triumphing over his own father, who was unsuccessful in doing so at WrestleMania 39 held in Los Angeles.

Rey Mysterio

The LWO, reassembled by Rey Mysterio not long ago, might be on course for a showdown against The Judgment Day at the upcoming WWE Backlash event. 

Rey Mysterio suggested an idea on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, proposing a possible match against his son Dominik. He said, “Maybe I put my mask on the line against his (Dominik) hair, which is some Lucha culture. If I lose, I take my mask off, if he loses, he shaves his hair off. That might be interesting,”

During his appearance on Impaulsive podcast. Mysterio was asked if the proposed match against his son was happening. He replied in the negative but added that he intends to challenge Dominik to the match in the future.

Rey Mysterio Challenges Son to Unique WWE Match on Impaulsive Podcast

Mysterio further remarked on the subject, saying “No, but I will pitch it out. I’ll challenge him straight up,”

On a recent episode of WWE SmackDown. Dominik offended Rey’s mother and sister. Compelling Rey to face him in a match. Despite this, Mysterio remains optimistic that Dominik will eventually sever ties with The Judgment Day.

The Mexican superstar expressed his desire for his son to come to the realization that he is on the wrong path and that their current conflict is merely a temporary phase they will look back on in the future.

The best friend and on-ring partner of Late Eddie Guerrero reflected on his relationship with his son. Saying “I have provided him with everything I desired as a child, but presently, I’m hoping this is a mere phase we’re going through.”

Dominik’s position as one of the most favored heels in the industry has been bolstered by his ongoing conflict with his legendary father. Whether or not Rey and Dominik will cross paths again in a singles match in WWE remains to be seen.

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