“That’s a Tablecloth Suit” Stephen a Smith Roasts Shaquille O’Neal’s Fashion Choice at Game 1 of 2022 NBA Finals

Stephen a Smith , the NBA ‘fashion police’ took a hilarious dig at Shaquille O’Neal’s sense of fashion. Smith loves Shaq with all his heart but he grilled Shaq’s checkered blue suit by comparing it to a tablecloth.

Furthermore, Smith shared his thoughts that everyone leans towards positive compliments about  Shaquille O’Neal so the fashion disasters go unnoticed. Smith roasted the NBA legend for the overconfidence he carries, believing himself to be a ”Fashion Guru”.

Some time ago, the two of them also made headlines when Stephen A glorified the NBA legend’s aptitude to destroy Rudy Gobert.  NBA analyst boldly vouched for the GOAT that the odds are in Shaq’s favor against Rudy Gobert. Rudy had retaliated Spice Adams that he would ”lock” Shaq up. The back and forth banter has been talk of the town and NBA analysts gave their two scents.

Stephen A claimed the Lakers Legend would be arrested for the state he would leave Rudy Gobert in after having a go at him. The one on one would a sight to see but even Rudy Gobert would have a hard time locking the biggest of the big NBA legend.  

Other NBA analyst had a different take on Shaq. Some as a matter of fact gathered that Rudy’s agility could over-power Shaq. 


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