“I Watched the Growth of LeBron James” Kendrick Perkins Recalls His Childhood 7th Grade Memories With the King

Kendrick Perkins candidly shares his long history with LeBron James with Stephen A. Perkins and King James go way back. Perkins met the Lakers’ legend for the first time back in seventh grade.

Perkins and LeBron have played for the first time in seventh grade when Perkins was with Houston Hoops and James used to play for Ohio Shooting Stars. Big Perk swelled with pride thinking back how he witnessed LeBron’s rise to fame. Perkins reminiscences the times he and the Lakers’ superstar would cross paths during championship games, wherever that might be, in Georgia or Vegas. He single handedly observed James’s growth. ” I got to see a side of LeBron James growing up that nobody else saw “, Perkins takes pride in being the only who saw James’s transformation to being the best player in the country.

“I witnessed a kid. A 16 year old kid. A young man I should say that was before his time.” He lauded LeBron’s dedication by sharing his diet routine. While Perkins was hanging out in burger joints , King James was only surviving on fruits and water. Long time acquaintance Perkins is all praises in regards to James’s zeal. James was going to sessions that he himself set up, apart from that he was also participating in media sessions. 

The transition to NBA started off with the superstar’s mind set to reach the highest of the highs. The time King James was drafted by Cleveland Cavaliers at the ripe age of 18, he had his mind made up that his ultimate goal was to reach the pinnacle that this career could offer.

“I want to be a billionaire. I want to be the first billionaire, I want to be the first guy to reach a billion dollars while playing the game of basketball”, King James took the oath of being the first billionaire NBA player when he was only 18 years old. And he lived up to his words. 


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