“The Usos are the greatest tag team in history”: Former WWE tag team champion Bubba Ray Dudley backs his claim with undeniable observation

The Usos have brought in a new level of dynamic for the WWE. The twin brothers had already achieved massive milestones in their own careers. Both are multi-time tag team champions in the company. Currently, the former tag team champion is also involved in a high-profile storyline with his own brother Roman Reigns.

There are multiple WWE legends & Hall of Famers who praised the former members of The Bloodline. Recently, Bubba Ray Dudley also backed his claim by saying that The Usos are the best tag team in the history of the company.

Former team 3D member believes the Usos are best team in company’s history

Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley both are part of one of the most historic tag teams known as The Dudley Brothers. The Dudley brothers are not only Hall of Famers but also a well-established legendary tag team in the history of the Stamford-based promotion. 

The tag team legend Bubba Ray has recently marked a bold statement regarding the best tag team in WWE. He made this statement on an episode of Busted Open Radio where he shared his opinion by saying that The Usos are the GREATEST tag team in WWE history.

The Usos

He also praised the current involvement of The Usos in the Bloodline story by saying that Usos are doing something The new Day & Dudley boyz never it and it is to put asses in seats.

Who holds the record for most WWE tag team championships?

However, The Usos are part of multiple great storylines in the company and are also one of the most decorated tag teams. But still, they didn’t hold the record for most WWE tag team champions in WWE. Currently, as per the stats, Edge & Christian holds the record for most tag team titles. They hold the record of 14 reigns during his time as a tag team in WWE. Edge also made his return

The Usos

Regardless of this, WWE has generated a lot of popular tag teams in the company which includes legendary names like The New Day, The Dudley Boyz & The hardy boyz. However, let’s see how the Usos storyline will further shape the company.


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