“The worst decision in Nike’s history”: Fan brutally slams Kevin Durant and Nike’s agreement to lifetime deal

Kevin Durant has secured a lifetime deal with Nike, joining the likes of Michael Jordan and LeBron James in receiving exclusive treatment from the shoe giant. While details of the new contract have not been disclosed, KD expressed his excitement about the partnership in a statement to “The Boardroom,” saying, “When I first signed with Nike, I couldn’t have dreamed of how far we’d go in this partnership. We’ve done amazing work creatively and philanthropically. We’ve traveled the world together and built a business that will now last forever. I’m excited for the future and honored to be in rare company with this deal.”

Durant first signed with Nike in 2007 as a rookie after turning down a reportedly more lucrative offer from Adidas. While the financial terms of his new lifetime deal remain undisclosed, KD’s initial contract with Nike was the second-largest in NBA history at the time, second only to LeBron James’ deal in 2002. Nike fulfilled their promise to Durant by opening the Kevin Durant shoe line in 2008, with the Nike Zoom KD1 released as the Seattle SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma and became the Thunder. The shoe’s trademark look featured OKC’s colorways of white, orange, and blue.

Since then, Nike has been producing yearly versions of Durant’s shoes, with the 16th iteration set to release sometime in 2023. The Portland-based company also included a personal line for KD in his sophomore year. While Under Armour reportedly offered KD an astronomical $265-$285 million for 10 years in 2014, Nike exercised its right to match the offer and secured Durant’s signature on a new 10-year contract that could potentially reach $300 million with a $50 million retirement package.

Although some fans seem to be disappointed with this deal. The fans showed their disappointment on twitter by saying: “KD just doesn’t fit with those guys” and “Idk KD is an amazing bball player but in 20 years will people be talking about him like a MJ, Levin, Kobe, Magic, Shaq, etc?” “Crazy to think that Kobe couldn’t get a lifetime deal.” One fan brutally wrote “The worst decision in Nike’s history”


The lifetime deal marks a significant milestone for Durant and Nike’s partnership, with the Brooklyn Nets star expressing gratitude for the company’s support throughout the years. KD’s decision to bet on himself with Nike has undoubtedly paid off, with the lifetime deal cementing his status as one of Nike’s most exclusive athletes. As Durant looks to continue his impressive career, fans can look forward to more signature sneakers and collaborations between the superstar and Nike.

The Unstoppable Force: Kevin Durant Leads Phoenix Suns in NBA Playoffs

Kevin Durant, the Phoenix Suns superstar, will lead his team against the top-seeded Denver Nuggets in the upcoming semifinals after the Phoenix Suns dispatched the gritty and undermanned LA Clippers. While Denver may have the best win-loss record in the regular season, the Suns have only lost once every time Durant played, making this an intriguing matchup for basketball fans.

Durant has been playing at an elite level in the playoffs, averaging 28.4 points, 7.6 rebounds, 6.2 assists, 1.0 steals, and 1.0 blocks so far. His efficiency on the court has been remarkable as well, with a field goal percentage of 51.8%, including 45.8% from behind the arc.

The seven-time All-Star has been the centerpiece of the Suns’ impressive postseason run, leading the team to a victory over the LA Clippers in the Durant put up a historic performance in the final game, scoring 31 points.

Now, the Suns will face off against a Denver team that has been playing impressive basketball throughout the playoffs, led by league MVP Nikola Jokic. The Nuggets will undoubtedly pose a challenge for Durant and the Nets, but if Durant can maintain his impressive level of play, the Nets have a good chance of advancing to the NBA Finals.

Game 1 of the semifinal matchup between the Phoenix Suns and the Denver Nuggets begins on Saturday, and fans will be eagerly watching to see how Durant and the Nets perform against the talented Nuggets team.


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