Titans’ new GM Ran Carthon recalls humorous story of his wife nearly dumped him when sharing GM dream

Football players do a lot to entertain the crowd with their stunning performances on the field. With their gameplay, players can make a comfortable living.

Even after their retirements, players can still have successful careers becoming coaches, commentators, sports analysts, show hosts, and whatnot. However, not many go on to become GM of an NFL team. Recently, Ran Carthon, a former player of the Colts, became the new GM of the Titans, replacing Jon Robinson.

Ran Carthon
The Titans welcome their new GM, Ran Carthon

Carthon, this Friday, had an introductory session with the Titans team and reporters. In the formal gathering, Ran talked about his journey from being an RB of the Colts to becoming the Titans’ GM.

While talking about his journey, Ran Carthon became nostalgic about the time he told his wife about his dreams and how she had some disbelief regarding his goals and wanted to dump him.

What did Ran Carthon say?

Ran Carthon, in the interview, first appreciated all the warm welcomes he had received from everyone and acknowledged his wife for constantly supporting him over their twenty years together. Afterward, Ran shared a humorous story where his wife thought of breaking up with him as she discovered Carthons “out-of-the-world ambitions.” So the new GM of the Titans went on to say, 

“Finally, my wife. We’ve been together 20 years now, and she brought up the point … it was the spring semester of 2003, and she asked me, ‘What did I want to do outside of playing football?’ And I told her one day, I wanted to be a GM of an NFL football team. She later told me she almost stopped dating me because she never met someone who lived in La La Land. But honey, today that dream comes true, and we’re realizing that work that we put in.”

Then, he appreciated his wife stating, “Thank you for being my rock. Thank you for being the stabilizer of our family. Thank you for being the CEO, CFO, COO, and all things to our family. I’m not here without you, so thank you, and I love you.”

Although there were some hilarious points in Carthon’s speech, it also showcases the admiration and love shared between Ran and his wife.


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