Who could be next offensive coordinator of New York Jets following WR Elijah Moore-Mike LaFleur feud in 2022 season

The New York Jets performed below their usual standards this season and were at the bottom of the AFC East table. The team could not perform as they had unusual internal issues, especially with the offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur.

Players in the NFL usually respect their coaches and coordinators immensely, and whenever teams have player-coach clashes, they fail to keep their cool on the field. Moreover, getting a negative vibe never allows players to perform to their true potential. 

Elijah Moor is one of the New York Jets’ prospects; throughout the season, he was not impressed with Mike LaFleur. There were many words exchanged between the coordinator and Moor. The twenty-two-year-old Elijah even went to the extent of disrespecting the offensive coordinator.

After a “target-less Week 6 performance,” Dov Kleiman tweeted that the wide receiver disrespected Mike saying, “go f–k yourself” and “you suck.”

However, things from there took a different turn from what was expected by the fans- the New York Jets fired offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur! After LaFleur is fired, the team is seeking a new offensive coordinator. We might know five people capable of taking that role: Darrell Bevell, Pep Hamilton, Brian Johnson, Todd Monken, and Greg Olson.

How are these five coordinators suitable for the New York Jets?

To begin with, all five of these coordinators have proven themselves with visible improvements in their teams. Moreover, these coaches have genuine reasons to look for a new job. For instance, Pep Hamilton and Greg Olson would want to look for new jobs. Hamilton was under head coach Lovie Smith, and the two liked working with each other; after the Texans fired Smith, Hamilton will likely look for a new team. On the other hand, Olson might also look for a new job as head coach Sean McVay might also be sacked from the Rams team. 

Furthermore, Todd Monken and Darrell Bevell are highly interested in working with the Jets team. Monken even interviewed for the job, while Bevell would love to work with coach Robert Saleh.

Among all the five coaches, Brian Johnson is the youngest, yet, with the recent performance the Eagles showed with his guidance, any team, including the Jets, would love to have his service. 

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