Tom Brady’s NFL 2023 season comeback speculations reignites while Tom Terrific cruises with Leonardo DiCaprio

Tom Brady, the legendary NFL quarterback, continues to be a topic of discussion even after his retirement. Speculations about his potential comeback for the 2023 NFL season have been fueled by Troy Aikman’s comments.

Moreover, his recent appearance on a yacht alongside Leonardo DiCaprio has ignited more rumors. While these events have sparked curiosity and excitement among fans, it is important to examine the facts and separate rumors from reality.

Troy Aikman “wouldn’t rule it out” Tom Brady’s NFL 2023 comeback

Troy Aikman recently expressed his uncertainty regarding Tom Brady’s retirement. Aikman believes that Brady’s involvement with the Las Vegas Raiders, where he will become a minority owner, could potentially lead to a comeback. Furthermore, the uncertainty surrounding Raiders’ quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s health adds to the speculation. 

Tom Brady

Aikman suggested that the retired NFL legend might want a more significant role within the organization, possibly even suiting up and playing. However, Aikman acknowledged that he does not speak for Brady and that anything is possible.

“Maybe he’d be involved to the point where he’s actually suiting up. I don’t wanna speak for Tom, but I wouldn’t rule anything out. He obviously has a relationship with the head coach. He knows the offense. He’ll keep himself in great shape… I would bet that nothing’s off the table as far as what may occur during the season. I think he’s done playing, but you just never know”, Aikman expressed.

Both of Gisele Bundchen’s exes were on the same yacht together – (Tom Brady & Leonardo DiCaprio)

Another recent event that has fueled speculation is Tom Brady’s appearance on a yacht alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. The two exes of supermodel Gisele Bündchen were seen together, seemingly putting their differences aside, at the wedding of mutual friends. 

Tom Brady

Both Brady and DiCaprio are standing apart from each other which means they might have not interacted at all.

Despite the speculations surrounding Tom Brady’s potential comeback, it is important to approach these rumors with caution. While Aikman’s comments and Brady’s involvement with the Raiders do create a sense of intrigue, it is essential to remember that retirement decisions are deeply personal and often final.

TB12 has already achieved a lot in his career and has nothing left to prove on the football field.

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