Tom Brady’s actual reason for retirement was “getting tired of getting hit”

Last Wednesday, Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL, and following his announcement, many people across the globe have shown their admiration for the GOAT quarterback. However, last year when TB12 retired, his fans wanted him to come back, and he did, but the way his life turned afterward- getting divorced from Gisele Bündchen, no fan will ever ask him to step back in.

Yet people have been wondering why the NFL legend might have decided to retire once again in a year.

There have been many speculations, and we also shared our points of view, expressing that his divorce, surroundings, and pressure from fans did not allow him to remain physically or mentally fit, making him decide to retire again. 

Guess we were not wrong, as the Legends father, Tom Brady Senior, agrees. In his interview with, Brady Sr. shares why his son called it a day “for good.” 

Tom Brady
Tom Brady looks in disbelief.

What did Tom Brady Sr. say in the interview?

In the interview, the father of the NFL GOAT shares how Brady has spent the entire season or last six months. On the other hand, he also tries to express what his son told him about playing football at 45, which is quite tiring. Brady Sr., in the interview, went on to say, 

“This has been a really rough six months on his personal life, his family life, and his football life. He once said this; he said, ‘I’m getting tired of getting hit.’ Having played 23 years and he holds the ignominious record of most sacks against in the NFL . . . and there must be another two or three thousand knockdowns.”

He then adds, “At 45 years of age, you say, ‘Hey, do I want to get hit one more time?’ The answer’s really Nah, I really don’t want to unless everything’s flipping. Unfortunately, it wasn’t clicking this year and I think it was a foregone conclusion.”

Tom Brady
Tom Brady and his father.

Tom Brady did not express himself even though he was in devastating pain. He tried his best to put on a great show for his fans. Yet not everyone came out to show their support for the immortal legend of the NFL. Instead, many people criticized him for his and still playing football. Nonetheless, the legend has finally stepped down, ending the miseries of his haters. 

We want to thank the NFL legend for all his efforts in giving the crow their money’s worth over the years and wish him a prosperous life ahead.


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