Tom Brady’s Ex-wife Gisele Bündchen appears to confirm rumors on her relationship with Jiu-Jitsu Coach Joaquim Valente

Gisele Bündchen, the supermodel and exwife of Tom Brady, was recently spotted in Costa Rica with her jiuJitsu instructor, Joaquim Valente. This sparked rumors of the two being on romantic terms in November 2022. The couple was seen having dinner together and later strolling with Gisele Bündchens kids.

Insiders and sources have confirmed that they are not in a romantic relationship and Valente is just a close family friend. However, a lot of people doubt this statement of theirs. On Tuesday, Gisele and Valente were seen on horses during a getaway in Costa Rica, making the rumors more believable.

A source close to Gisele said that the supermodel is “supercharged about her career in the next few months. She is busy making decisions and feels happy and more settled than she has in a long time.

The source also added that Gisele and Valente have a deep personal relationship, that of a teacher and student. But no one knows if it will ever be more than that.

Gisele and Bradys divorce in October 2022 was due to the fact that Brady decided to unretire and continue playing in the NFL. This decision caused a rift between the couple and Gisele wanted to be heard.

Brady on the other hand was too busy with his football career to be as attentive as he should have been.

Despite the reason behind their divorce, Brady and Gisele seem to be in a much better place now. Brady is dealing with questions about his retirement while Gisele has seemingly found peace in her life.



13 thoughts on “Tom Brady’s Ex-wife Gisele Bündchen appears to confirm rumors on her relationship with Jiu-Jitsu Coach Joaquim Valente”

  1. If a man that has plenty of money and can always get more from indoresment to football. This shows he loves football an fame more than his wife and children; I’d divorce him too. And it certainly took no time for him finding someone new or us it just for free sex

  2. She is a typical Hollywood item, cheating is a way of life. She is as slutty as she dresses. What a creep tom doesn’t need.

  3. Brady, find you a good woman, one that is a Christian woman,who loves God, and will love and stand by you , no matter what.Forget about those left wing snow flakes who doesn’t read or support God’s Laws.All they think about is money, looks, and popularity..You need a “Stand by Your Man’ kinda of woman,who loves, and adores her husband, and her children.Forget about those kind that wants to see which man she can take away from another woman, because she thinks she is beautiful, and has lots of money.

  4. Tom Brady needs to do a Johnny Depp on her!! She clearly wants to get her independence and play her field! I think she may have been playing the field. Let her go and let her eat Crow, if it comes to that, while she gains her own Notariety!! Tom Brady if you love her, let her go. Y’all enjoy y’alls kids and Co-parent respectfully for your kids as you both said you both should/would do. Your a Self-made Man as she is or says or wants to be a Self-made Woman. She has a right to try and your kids will be okay. Keep the Respect with the kids. You all can be Successful. Together and apart.

  5. The pro-female bias in your words “ was too busy with his football career to be as attentive as he should have been” are extremely obvious. I assume you are writing to your audience due to the lack of an attempt to hide your viewpoint. I offer since when is it a negative for a man to choose to continue his career at the height of his profession while dealing with the emotional realization his time in that career is dwindling.

    I would hope you would see fit to put forth a more balanced perspective when commenting on inter-personal relationships as we all know there is he said she said and the truth.


  6. I think it would be great if Brady signed with the Patriots for one day and retired as a member of “his” team. Kraft made the offer. It would be nice

  7. Tom Brady will eventually find a new love. He’s still young, handsome and has a lot of love to give. Too bad his marriage with Giselle didn’t last. It is what it is. You just move on to the next chapter of his life. Who knows, it can be better than the last one.

  8. Seriously, what is wrong with people she nudged him and pushed him for years, to get more time for his family. Then she goes to divorce him and he retires?? Makes absolutely no sense. And to be honest I don’t know how she can be call the supermodel. She has a large nose that’s very noticeable. Maybe it’s just a personality she tends to be a b**** people are crazy


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