Tom Brady’s love rumor gets squashed as former Miss Slovakia Veronika Rajek is apparently already married

A few days ago, Fans were going crazy when Miss Slovakia posted a photo wearing the legendary Tom Brady jersey as they were expecting the two to go into a relationship following the divorce of Brady. 

Many fans were drooling to see the two turn into a couple and reacted with astonishing tweets, while others bashed Veronika Rajek and called her with vulgar remarks. 

After the couple hype is over, fans are starting to see the other side of the coin and are discovering incredible details they have missed while investigating Miss Slovakia’s life- this gorgeous woman, as a matter of fact, is already married that too with another athlete!

Reportedly, Veronika’s husband is none other than Viktor Rajek, who competed in the two-man and four-man bobsled events at the 2006 Winter Olympics for Slovakia. These events took place in Slovakia. Since then, he has called it a career and is now the proud proprietor of a well-known restaurant in Vienna, Austria, known as “Bier & Bierli.”

This has completely changed the dynamics for the female followers of Brady as many people were speculating something to take place between the two but with no Veronika women from around the globe will be pilling up on Brady’s door waiting for their shot at the NFL goat. 

Will Brady be able to find the true love of his life? Express your opinion in the comment section.

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