Tom Brady’s love rumor with Veronika Rajek resurfaces as former Miss Slovakia’s cryptic message suggests she is getting divorced

Tom Brady is always talked about in the NFL universe. The GOAT has achieved such heights that he is now becoming a symbol. Fans from all walks of the globe follow every detail of the legend, even the slightest ones.

A few weeks ago, Miss Slovakia Veronika Rajek came to see Brady play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, wearing his jersey; after the match, she posted photos of her in the iconic Brady uniform, and fans were speculating something between the two as Brady had been recently divorced. 

Fans on both Instagram and Twitter were going bonkers and expressing their thoughts about how the two would look being in one frame- as a couple. However, Tom Brady’s love rumor gets squashed as former Miss Slovakia Veronika Rajek is apparently already married.

Tom Brady rumour
“Forget the old lady” – Social media goes berserk over reports of Tom Brady’s new potential girlfriend Veronica Rajek

Moreover, with such a gorgeous lady out of the way, many girls tried to flirt with the legendary Brady, but Tom was busy with his game, not paying attention to such proposals. After nearly a month has passed by, fans wanting to see the two become a couple once again have hope due to some cryptic Instagram stories of Miss Slovakia.

What did Veronika Rajek post on her Instagram stories?

A few days ago, Rajek shared a mysterious story on his Instagram- the importance of knowing your worth and avoiding the company of those who do not value you-

“you’ve got to ask yourself what you’re living for, who you’re living for, and if none of those answers begin with you then you’re living your life wrong, you’re living a lie.”

“everything you do should revolve around you, every person, every place, ever moment should start and end with you. this is your life and you shouldn’t spend it on dull things, in people who don’t understand the type of love you carry within your bones, because you only live once and it’s your job to make it count. so let every day be yours, own it and never apologize for being who you are.”

The model posted another story, stating, “Anyone can say they care. But watch their actions, not their words.”

Veronika Rajek
Instagram stories of Veronika Rajek

These stories have raised questions about her relationship with her husband Viktor Rajek, fans now are estimating that the couple is going through a fight and may get divorced. Again, this points towards only one direction- a relationship with Tom Brad.

A bit wild isn’t it? Yet if the rumors are true maybe Tom does have a chance to take a shot at this mesmerizing model- Veronika Rajek.


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