Tom Brady’s rumored girlfriend, NFL fanatic Veronika Rajek stuns fans by asking personal question while donning tiny string bikini in Mexico

Veronika Rajek, after making her appearance in a Buccaneers match last year, has been the rumored girlfriend of Tom Brady since day one. None of the two have ever spoken about the matter publicly, yet Rajek inevitably loves Brady with all her heart.

Even though there is no sign that Brady shares similar feelings for the former Miss Slovakia, Veronika keeps on sharing Brady-related rumor news on her Instagram story. 

However, with her regular mesmerizing and hot photos, the model has caught the attention of millions of fans and now has gained over four million on Instagram in a few months! While her posts capture the attention of fans and make them follow her, the stories shared from the same profile keep the fans regularly following the fitness-fanatic Slovakian model. 

After her appearance in the NFL, Rajek has been living in America. However, with winter getting heavier, the model currently resides in Mexico and shares her exclusive bikini photos and video on her Instagram stories from her new home. In a recent interview, the model even went on to tell her fans why she is in Mexico, saying, “I love to be in a bikini which is why I love it in Mexico because it’s always hot.”

What did Veronika Rajek share on her Instagram story?

If you were guessing a bikini photo, you are on the right track and are familiar with miss Rajek’s style of posting. Veronika Rajek stunned her fans this week by wearing an incredible, tiny barely-there bikini and asking a question. 

In her latest Instagram story, Veronika shares a video of her wearing a bright green and yellow bikini. As the video goes on, fans can notice a palm tree and Veronika posing with different appealing looks. 

Veronika Rajek
Veronika Rajek’s latest Instagram story.

Rajek captions her new video by writing, “Wanna be my lover?” fans were delighted yet many questioned her in the comments whether her caption was dedicated to TB12. 

What are your thoughts on Rajek’s new story? You can share your opinion in the comments.


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