Tom Brady’s rumored girlfriend Veronika Rajek commends NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal saying: “Role model for life”

Tom Brady, the legendary quarterback, is not only known for his incredible talent on the field but also for his personal life. His rumored girlfriend Veronika Rajek has been making headlines recently for her social media presence and her admiration for Brady. However, it seems like she has now turned her attention to NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal, commending him as a role model for life.

Veronika Rajek is a Slovakian model and social media influencer. She has recently visited the United States and is making the most of her trip. She has been featured in promotional videos for real estate projects and has been seen posing in front of luxury cars. Her popularity has been on the rise due to her sizzling posts and thirst traps for NFL superstar Tom Brady, resulting in over 4.7 million followers on Instagram. 

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Now, she is focusing on NBA fans and was recently seen posing with Shaquille O’Neal at a hotel in Florida. Veronika captioned the photo by calling Shaq a role model and praised him for his humility, inspiration, kindness, and hard work.

Watch Tom Brady rumored girlfriend with Shaquille O’Neal 

Following the photo with Shaquille O’Neal, Veronika Rajek shared a video on social media featuring Shaq and her friend Judith Hofman, who is a renowned real estate agent. During the recording, Veronika made a remark that may have made Shaq a bit uncomfortable towards the end of the video. As Judith was recording with Veronika and Shaq in the frame, Veronika suddenly exclaimed, “I am so small.”

Veronika Rajek may have gained popularity through her rumored relationship with Tom Brady, but it seems like she is also making a name for herself through her interactions with other celebrities.

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Her admiration for Shaquille O’Neal as a role model is a testament to her appreciation for hard work, kindness, and inspiration. As her social media following continues to grow, it will be interesting to see who she interacts with next and what insights she will share with her followers.


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