Tom Brady’s rumored girlfriend Veronika Rajek hospitalized in Milan after terrifying accident causing concussion and facial bruises

Months ago the rumors regarding NFL GOAT Tom Brady and Veronika Rajek were a household discussion among NFL fans. However, sprinkling cold water to the igniting rumors, everything turned out to be just juicy gossip and nothing else.

Now, the hot Rajek is reappearing in the headlines but this time not for any lovey-dovey tales but for her recent unfortunate encounter in Milan.

Veronika Rajek hospitalized in Milan after a terrifying accident

Veronika Rajek is a Slovakian model and social media influencer. The lady came into the spotlight after she was allegedly paired up with the former Bucs player in a potential hush-hush romance. Although the sparks of those enticing rumors have been chilled out, Veronika somehow manages to stay on top of news from time to time.

Lately, she went to Italy to enjoy a gala time as part of her European tour. Everything was going on perfectly, the sunset, the beach, and the mesmerizing beauty of Milan. However, the model’s ecstasy was cut short by an unexpected accident.

As per the influencer, she was eager to taste the delights of an e-scooter drive and was ready to hop on one. After running several yards depending on her inexperience persona, she fell from the speedy vehicle abruptly and injured herself.

Veronika Rajek (Image via @veronikarajek/Instagram)

The lady posted some photos of her from the hospital on her Instagram stories after the accident happened. She made those pictures public along her the caption, “ Not a best day of my life”.

From her hospital post, it got confirmed that she injured herself badly and there are marks of deep cuts on her chin and lip. Rajek also had to bear a concussion due to the horrifying incident.

Tom Brady’s rumored girlfriend is drawing attention at Tour de France

Tour de France is an annually held sporting event that is mainly focused on bicycle racing. The events are held in France and a sports enthusiast, Veronika is very excited about the occasion.

To add more spice to every France de Tour lover’s heart, she posted a sensational picture of her on Instagram wearing a green outfit. Her post reads, “Whoever wins the green shirt at Tour de France, I personally congratulate and give mine as a trophy gift”.

Veronika Rajek

Following the GOAT’s divorce last year from his wife, Giselle Bundchen, Tom Brady is getting paired up every now and then with beautiful ladies of all fields. However, the NFL legend made it pretty clear that he has no time for love now and is focused on raising his kids perfectly.

On the other hand, after many attempts, Veronika is finally in the limelight winning the hearts of fans with her ever-so-sexy looks. 

After her accident, fans of the model would be praying for her quick recovery, and so do we.

What are your thoughts on Rajek? You can share your opinion with us in the comments. 

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