Why Albany empire kicked out of the Arena League? Exploring reasons behind the termination of Antonio Brown’s franchise

A new turn in Antonio Brown’s Albany Empire drama is surfacing across the internet like wildfire. Albany Empire, an American football team which is now owned by the former NFL player has been terminated from the National Arena League and the unfortunate event is casting the shadow of uncertainties over the football team.

Because of the recurrence of many controversial acts since Brown’s stepping into the team, many doubted his leadership skills. Moreover, now on the verge of collapse, his inefficiency as a leader is coming into view.

Antonio Brown’s failure to pay leads Albany Empire kicked out of league

Brown was at the summit of success when he left the NFL ground after playing for 12 seasons and acquiring seven Pro Bowls. He shifted his focus towards business and purchases the majority of the shares of the football team.

Since, the former wide receiver’s acquisition of Albany Empire, the team is going through many abrupt changes, and fans were worriedly wondering about the sinking ship of the Empire. However, with the news of his team’s suspension from Arena League, the nightmare became true.

Climbing on the throne of ownership, the NFL star made the initial mandatory monthly payment to the National Arena League in April. Then in May, he didn’t make the essential payment and on the contrary, got April’s payment back by throwing a legal challenge.

Many futile attempts have been made by the league to collect the due amount from Antonio. Then, the footballer’s account broke free of silence and informed Arena that there is very little chance that Brown would open his purse to pay the money.

At this, the league organized an emergency meeting and selected a deadline for the Empire owner to clear his dues. However, ignoring all kinds of external pressure, Brown didn’t pay a shilling. Furthermore, after the deadline was exceeded, NAL terminated Albany Empire from the league.

Pat McAfee reacts to Antonio Brown’s statement after Albany Empire ownership

The Pro Bowl is yet to issue any clear public comment after his team’s suspension. However, in no time after the official declaration of Albany’s termination, he posted a cryptic tweet on his Twitter. He wrote, “Major League not minor”.

Pat McAfee, broke the news of Empire’s suspension in his show “the Pat McAfee show“, and joked about the statement of Brown after his Empire ownership.

In his statement, the NFL star was talking about his desire to take his team to AFL. At this, Pat remarked Brown’s comments to be hilarious as he holds higher expectations but doesn’t pay money to the league.

What lies ahead for the Albany Empire after its ban from NAL? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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