Why Antonio Brown’s Albany Empire in turmoil? explaining controversy surrounding C Pete Porcelli firing

Antonio Brown is an NFL wide receiver who shifted his attention towards business at one point during his bright career and purchased Albany Empire, an American football team in 2020.

Since the footballer held the majority of the shares of the franchise many dramatic events have taken place. So, it is time to unfold some controversies that created havoc within the team.

Coach Pete Porcelli’s abrupt dismissal creates uproar in Albany Empire

Pete Porcelli had been recruited by Brown as the head coach of the team and only leading one game within a week, he was fired by the footballer. The coach had opened up about his removal to multiple media but Brown denied such accusations.

However, before the news of dismissal, Pete mentioned he had faced demotions from his position of head coach to line coach which is so miserable to accept.

Not only in the case of Pete but this season Albany experienced many abrupt changes within the team including firing and hiring head coach Tom Menes and the resignation of interim head coach Damon Ware over payment issues.

Porcelli presented more insights into Brown’s action saying, ‘He’s changing coaches and players every single week and I was trying to build it from the ground up again.’

So, literally, it is chaos which is going on within the team and no one has any idea what the former WR is up to.

Changes after Antonio Brown become an owner of Albany Empire

Why is Antonio Brown playing for the Albany Empire? How troubled ex-NFL WR  became arena football league owner | Sporting News

Albany Empire competes in National Arena League (NAL) and after the former NFL star’s ownership was confirmed, the team went through many changes. For example, Antonio has expressed his desire to play in his team which hasn’t been done before by any of the previous owners.

No doubt, the footballer had an amazing record in NFL and this is what he wants to put to work. On the other hand, there was never a question of payment issues before Antonio’s entry or firing head coaches so frequently which are happening after his joining.

It hasn’t been long since Brown took over the responsibilities of Albany Brown. So, only time can tell if the former NFL star will be able to showcase his leadership skills for the team or not!


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