Transfer talk: Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez on acquiring Lionel Messi “We’ll see in the future”

FC Barcelona is currently dominating the summer transfer window after signing many big names such as Robert Lewandowski, Raphinha, and others, but the Transfer talk is still focused on Lionel Messi’s possible return to the Catalan capital.

Recently, Barca President Joan Laporta revealed his dream of resigning Messi from PSG, but manager Xavi said that he would love to remain neutral on this matter.

What did Xavi tell the media regarding Lionel Messi’s Transfer talk?

Since the departure of Lionel Messi in the summer of 2021, Barca fans and club authorities have dreamt that the Argentine superstar will

return to his beloved club one day, but the reality shows that PSG is currently the home for Messi.

The PSG superstar also left the Catalan capital with tearful eyes, and he always expressed that he would return to the Spanish giant in the future if everything went positively.

This special connection between FC Barcelona and Messi indicates that nothing is impossible in football and a possible return of the Argentine playmaker could become a reality after next season.

Current transfer talk regarding Lionel Messi has also got the approval of famous soccer journalist Fabrizio Romano, who twitted a post by quoting Xavi, where the Barcelona manager said, “Makes no sense to speak about Leo Messi’s comeback at Barcelona right now, he’s under contract with PSG so it’s impossible. We’ll see in the future”.

Although Lionel only contributed six league goals last season, PSG wants him to accept a one-year contract extension, but his choice is entirely up to the Argentine captain.

Assuming Messi wants to wait until after the World Cup before making a choice, no official offer has been made from Barcelona or PSG as of today.

Despite not performing to his typical standards in Ligue One, Messi brought in £600 million for the French champions through a number of sponsorships from Gorillas, GOAT, Big Cola, Volt etc.


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