Trey Lance, 49ers’ star Christian McCaffrey defends value of RB position in NFL: “They touch the ball more than anybody”

The NFL has witnessed a shift towards a more pass-oriented game as most teams value the pass over the run, allowing importance mostly flow to quarterbacks, wide receivers, and good blockers in pass protection and the San Francisco 49er’s star running back Christian McCaffrey just didn’t like the trend.

McCaffrey, one of the league’s most dynamic and elusive players at his position, passionately defended the value of the running back position in national football, shedding light on their crucial role in the offensive schemes.

What did Christian McCaffrey say about the diminishing role of running backs in the NFL?

The All-Pro running back recently made an appearance on “The Rich Eisen Show” and acknowledged the ongoing debates surrounding the changing landscape of NFL offenses highlighting the crucial role of RBs over time.

“I think when you look back in history and look at what the running back position has meant to football, they touch the ball more than anybody.”

Christian McCaffrey

Christian had honorable mentions for some veteran RBs like Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, Derrick Henry, Saquon Barkley as well as Josh Jacobs while emphasizing the versatility of his position and reminding everyone how these athletes moonlighted as heroes in their own team.

“And I was a guy who liked Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, some of the best to ever do it, and these guys, they didn’t just play for a long time, they played well for a long time, and I look at Derrick Henry as another example. Derrick Henry is older than I am and that guy’s done nothing but produce.”

“I look at what Saquon Barkley brings to the [New York] Giants, I look at what Josh Jacobs brings to the [Las Vegas] Raiders, all these backs around the league who have done so many amazing things for their team. They’ve been clutch, they carry the ball, they catch the ball into the backfield, they provide multiple threats, they create mismatches, they make defensive coordinators think, and I think there’s a lot of value in that.”

What did McCaffrey say about the running backs being underpaid in the league?

The 49ers RB played a key role in his team over time and holds the record of being one of three players in football history to record 1,000 rushing yards and 1,000 receiving yards in one season, however, he didn’t like the fact that the average salary for the player at his position is only higher than the average fullback, special teams, punter and long snapper.

Christian McCaffrey

The veteran star addressed liking it when the football players make handsome salaries, albeit he expressed his outrage saying running backs earn comparatively poorer amounts despite playing an integral role in dictating the pace and success of an offense.

“I’m for everybody getting paid. I love when guys earn money and are able to feed their families and have life-changing, generational-changing money. It’s such a special thing because we all work really hard. It’s fun, it’s a blessing, it really is. When I look at what receivers make around the league and then you look at what running backs make, we’re at the bottom of the list.”

The 26-year-old asserted all of the players in this position will share the same experience upon asking.

“So there’s a lot of arguments multiple ways. But I definitely think somewhere along the line, the franchise tag and what the market did to the running back position, I think they’re definitely undervalued. And I think if you asked the running backs around the league, they would probably say the same thing.”

Christian McCaffrey

McCaffrey‘s dedication and versatility serve as a testament to the continued significance of the RB position in the current NFL landscape and his words defended both the value of the running backs in the team and emphasized the multifaceted role of an RB.

Do you also think that the running backs are the most undervalued and underpaid in the NFL?


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