Conor McGregor receives harsh criticism from UFC veteran Matt Brown: “He’s a nobody, in my opinion”

In the aftermath of their recent interaction, Matt Brown exhibits no fear in expressing his true sentiments regarding Conor McGregor.

Taking place earlier this month (May 13, 2023) at UFC Charlotte, the 42-year-old Brown showcased his ability to turn back the hands of time.

He delivered a stunning first-round one-punch knockout, swiftly dispatching his fellow seasoned Welterweight, Court McGee.


This victory holds immense significance for the renowned fighter known as the “Immortal,” as it now places him on par with Derrick Lewis, a prominent Heavyweight contender.

For the most knockouts ever recorded in UFC history—both having achieved an astounding 13 knockouts throughout their careers.

With an unwavering focus on the intense action unfolding before him, Conor couldn’t help but be captivated and fueled by the decisive finish.

Browns’ criticism of Conor McGregor

Driven by ambition, Conor boldly proclaimed his intention to surpass the impressive knockout records of Brown and Lewis, firmly asserting his desire to claim the accolade as his own.

Unsurprisingly, Brown swiftly responded to McGregor’s statement, utilizing the power of social media to convey his willingness to face McGregor in the octagon.

That’s f—king bum life to me. All that money don’t make you not a bum. You’re still a bum to me, bro. When you step in the cage, you’re still a f—king bum to me.”

This week, on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, Conor is set to make his appearance as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter 31 (TUF), where he will be pitted against Michael Chandler.

Furthermore, later in 2023, there are high expectations for a thrilling Welterweight showdown between these two formidable opponents.

However, before McGregor can step into the octagon, he must fulfill the requirements set by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and undergo six months of rigorous testing.

What is Matt Browns UFC record?

Matt Brown, a native of Greene County, achieved a remarkable feat over the weekend as he equaled the UFC record for the highest number of knockouts with an impressive tally of 13.

Having made his 30th appearance in the UFC since 2008, Brown showcased his exceptional skills in his latest bout.

Conor McGregor speaking at a press conference

The UFC, renowned as the foremost mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion globally, served as the platform for his awe-inspiring achievement.

Given the current circumstances, it seems unlikely that a matchup between Matt Brown and Conor will materialise.

Nonetheless, one cannot deny that such a fight would possess a strong potential for delivering a knockout, with both fighters capable of unleashing devastating blows in either direction.

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