Ravens’ Lamar Jackson offers 3-word support to Travis Rudolph following ex-NFL WR’s allegedly committed murder trial

Besides the excitement of high-voltage matches, athletes coming in support of their fellow athletes in crucial times is definitely a treat for eyes and the Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has once again caught the attention of fans and the media alike by showcasing this warm gesture.

The former NFL wide receiver Travis Rudolph has found himself embroiled in a deeply troubling situation following the accusation of a murder case and Jackson took to Twitter to offer a concise message of encouragement to his fellow player.

Travis Rudolph

The back story of Travis Rudolph’s alleged murder case

The former Giants wide receiver was staying at his mother’s house in 2019 when four persons entered the house to confront him following a personal dispute regarding his ex-partner Dominique Jones.

Jones revealed she was upset after knowing her boyfriend’s infidelity and reached out to her brother Keishaun Jones saying, “Please go shoot his s*** up.”

Keishaun Jones reached the destination with three other men and the heated argument led to the unfortunate death of Sebastian Jean-Jacques. Dominique’s brother said he and three other men arrived at his sister’s partner’s home to demand an apology and Jacques did not point a firearm toward the wide receiver.

Travis Rudolph

However, one of the neighbors of the Florida State player Ruben Estes revealed a confrontation took place between Travis and the four persons and said he didn’t see the athlete shooting, albeit he saw Rudolph returning to his home with a rifle in hand.

The Giants star was arrested following the accusations of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder with a firearm, however, he claimed the four men initiated the argument and he had to shoot in his own defense.

“When you’re facing two guns after everything that played through, lights off, I was in fear for my life. At that point, I had the right to defend myself.”

Lamar Jackson came in support of the former wide receiver

As news of Rudolph’s trial started hitting the headlines, the Ravens’ highest-paid QB Jackson decided to weigh in on the matter to showcase a sign of solidarity within the tight-knit NFL community.

The veteran star took to Twitter to urge the authorities to release his fellow player saying, “Free Travis Rudolph”.

While the legal process will ultimately determine the former NFL star’s guilt or innocence, Lamar’s gesture inspires acts of empathy within the sporting world and beyond. His urge to the authorities serves as a reminder that athletes can extend empathy and compassion to their peers in their bad times.

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