Triple H reportedly aims to resolve Vince McMahon’s “final mess” by splitting Roman Reign’s WWE Universal title before SummerSlam 2023

Despite losing a number of big names in recent years, WWE still seems to stand tall. However, the retirement of Vince McMahon was a huge blow to the promotion. And after that, Triple H has been left with an insurmountable task. With that being said, Triple H is looking to revamp the production’s format, and in the turn of events he may split the world championship, right from the WWE Summerslam.

The plan is still in its early days. However, the unification of the title has enraged a lot of fans, some of them even losing interest. More importantly, title matches have been reduced. For that, the stars are getting lesser shots at titles.

How did Vince McMahon’s plan turn into a ‘mess’?

WWE finds it less exciting to see one world title. Roman Reigns won his Universal Championship around three years ago, making him the longest-reigning champion. After that, the head of the table unified both titles from RAW and Smackdown, back in April 3, 2022.

At Wrestlemania 38, he came out holding the WWE Universal Championship. In that match, he defeated RAW’s WWE champion, Brock Lesnar. Thus he became the undisputed WWE Universal champion, unifying the two flagship titles of RAW and Smackdown.

Triple H
HHH considering splitting the universal title and cleaning up Vince McMahon’s mess

Fans have labeled it as Vince McMahon’s “final mess” as they are not big fans of the prolonged unification reign. They have raised their concerns over stars getting lesser opportunities for the bigger stages. As a result, the big matches have reduced in numbers. The excitement of title matches have diminished since there are lesser title matches to anticipate.

Triple H
Roman Reigns with his universal championship

Will Triple H be able to clean up the ‘mess’?

Apparently, Triple H has been speculated to fix this particular mess. Rumors have been circulating mentioning Triple H in favor of the revamp. While it was thought to be done by Wrestlemania 39, the process may take longer than that.

The Rock’s name was thrown in the mix with a view toward splitting the titles. However, due to his hectic schedule Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will not be able to make it to Wrestlemania. For that, title-splitting plans will have to wait. The process has thus been further pushed back to Summerslam, as per the words going around in the circuit.

As of now, nothing has been consolidated. Whether the plans will go ahead or not, is yet to be seen. However, if Triple H truly is in favor of the split, the fans may be in for a ride.


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