Triple H reveals new WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt during RAW and Logan Paul wants it

Recently unveiled by Triple H, the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt is already generating attention among fans of professional wrestling worldwide. Logan Paul, however, has already made it a priority to claim the new heavyweight championship.

The introduction of a new heavyweight belt was recently announced by Triple H. After extensive discussion with Roman Reigns, it was decided that The Tribal Chief would not frequently and actively defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, necessitating the introduction of a new belt. 

“A few weeks ago, when I talked about the WWE Draft, I said the draft would change WWE at its very core. Because when Roman Reigns gets drafted to whatever brand he gets drafted to, he will take the WWE Universal Championship with him and he will stay there. The other brand will determine a new champion.” said Tripe H.

WWE fans are currently a little confused with everything that has occurred since WrestleMania 39. WWE was eventually acquired by UFC parent company Endeavor in this historic agreement, which wrestling fans have been waiting to hear about for months. However, as it seems with the belt announcement, WWE is just getting better than ever. 

What does Logan Paul have in mind towards capturing the next heavyweight world belt?

Logan is without a doubt one of the most amazing prospects on the current WWE roster. It was once possible that the YouTuber-turned-wrestler Logan would not extend his contract with the wrestling company, but thanks to his charming wrestling abilities and entertainment value, it was only a matter of time until he did.

The WWE’s larger plans now include the YouTube sensation. Logan yesterday sparked excitement among his followers by revealing the news of the new belt on Twitter along with an interesting eye emoji, signaling that the professional wrestler is now aiming high. Logan’s WWE title run appears to be just a matter of time based on how things are currently going.

What do you think of Logan Paul competing for the brand-new heavyweight belt? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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