Tyreek Hill battery case OVER following Police instruct victim to state attorney’s office according to reports

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill was under investigation because of alleged battery charges. He was involved in a physical altercation with an employee of a charter company at Haulover Marina. His case and the related investigation were kept confidential but new details have emerged about his case.

The case has taken an unexpected twist suggesting that it might have been closed. In this article, we delve into the details of what happened that led to an investigation and the recent reports of his case.

Dolphins WR involved in ‘charging’ accusation

The alleged incident at Haulover Marina involved an altercation between Tyreek Hill and an employee of a charter company. Although police didn’t share much details it was reported that the WR hit the man. As part of their investigation, police apparently watched video of the alleged battery.

Tyreek Hill

The incident itself unfolded after two women entered a charter fishing boat without permission. When asked to leave, an argument ensued, which eventually led to the altercation involving the Dolphins WR. The police report indicates that Hill slapped an employee on the neck and attempted to reach the victim before being restrained. Subsequently, Hill fled the area.

Police confirmed the investigation but didn’t disclose any further details. Even on Wednesday it was confirmed by a police spokesperson, that the investigation is in progress. But now the case has taken an unexpected turn.

Reports suggest investigation to be closed

Tyreek Hill

According to the recent reports obtained it was clear that Hill hit the man in the neck and charged at him. But it was reported by sources that police had closed the investigation. 

And if the victim wishes to pursue criminal charges the case will be taken to the state attorney’s office. 

The Tyreek Hill battery case involving an alleged altercation at Haulover Marina in Miami has taken an intriguing turn. Now that the police might have closed the court, the focus will be on the attorney’s office and the victim. 

Let’s wait and watch whether the man whom the WR hit will pursue the charges or not. If he decides to pursue it, things are going to get difficult for Hill. 


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