“Michael Jordan air-ball a free-throw”: Brandon Miller claps back at MJ for “just being old”, casts aside LeBron James in GOAT debate in spectacular pre-draft day

In a surprising turn of events, NBA draft prospect Brandon Miller made headlines with his bold comments about basketball legends Michael Jordan and LeBron James. The young player didn’t hold back as he dismissed Jordan’s infamous air-ball moment and declared him “just being old.”

Miller went even further, confidently casting aside King James in the ongoing debate over the Greatest of All Time title. With the pre-draft day approaching, Miller’s audacious remarks have stirred controversy and sparked intense discussions among fans and analysts.

Brandon Miller discloses his Hornets experience with Jordan in sessions

Brandon Miller, a highly regarded NBA draft prospect, recently made waves for his comments regarding his pre-draft workouts with Michael Jordan for the Charlotte Hornets.

Miller revealed specifics of his trash-talking conversations with the basketball icon in a candid interview, giving light on the ferocity of their interactions. Jordan even after not being a majority stakeholder, has the final say and major influence over the franchise’s decision-making.

He disclosed that Jordan referred to him as “just a shooter” primarily skilled in three-point shooting. In a bold move, Miller further revealed that he witnessed Jordan air-balling a free throw, an incident Jordan would likely prefer to keep hidden.

These revelations have sparked discussions about the power dynamics within the Hornets and the impact of Jordan’s presence on draft decisions. The public now questions how Miller’s openness and audacity will affect his chances of being selected by the team.

Paul George gets the “GOAT” title, not Lebron

In a surprising twist to the ongoing debate about the greatest basketball player of all time, NBA draft prospect Brandon Miller has put forth a controversial viewpoint, asserting that Paul George deserves the esteemed title instead of LeBron James or Michael Jordan.

While George is a skilled player, his inclusion in the GOAT conversation is unconventional, considering the significant achievements and impact of players like Jordan and LeBron throughout their careers.

By challenging the consensus, Miller brings attention to the subjectivity inherent in determining the greatest player in basketball history. His dissenting opinion prompts fans and analysts alike to reevaluate their perspectives and consider alternative candidates for the coveted title.

As Miller’s NBA journey begins, his bold stance on the GOAT debate adds an intriguing element to his story. Do you agree with the youngster? Who is your NBA GOAT? Let us know below!


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