‘Walked out on his own family’ WWE fans in utter disbelief as Jey Uso turns his back on The Bloodline

The Bloodline storyline took a surprising turn Saturday night at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas when Jey Uso turned his back on The Bloodline. The event was one of the most startling in WWE history, and the crowd reacted in bewilderment.

The 39th edition of  Royal Rumble lived up to its reputation as one of WWE’s most entertaining PPV events by introducing even more unexpected elements than usual. For the 50,000 viewers, Sami Zayn’s decision to not heed Roman Reigns’ direct order and Jey Uso’s decision to depart were both worth the wait.

How fans reacted to Jey Uso turning his back on The Bloodline?

With The Tribal Chief at the helm, The Bloodline was undeniably one of WWE’s most stunning narratives. Many people, however, thought that the inclusion of Sami Zayn meant that The Bloodline’s dissolution was only a matter of time.

As soon as Jey announced he was leaving The Bloodline, wrestling fans went wild with speculation over whether or not this marked the end of the narrative. The following are some of the most interesting Twitter fan reactions to The Bloodline saga.



For The Bloodline, what do you predict? Does this mean the plot has reached its climax, or will there be more surprises in store?


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