Sami Zayn vs Bobby Lashley: Can the ‘All Mighty’ defend his WWE United states championship title at the Survivor series?

The WWE United States championship title will be on the line when the current champion Bobby Lashley takes on the challenger Sami Zayn in a high-octane clash at the Survivor series 2020 on November 22. It must be mentioned that Zayn is also the current Intercontinental champion.

Speaking of Lashley, he has ruthlessly cleared up every challenge so far on his way to defend the WWE United States championship title. Zayn, on the other side, has turned hostile to the blue brand while opting for dodgy tactics to claim the Intercontinental title at the Night of Champions.

Can Zayn put breaks to Lashley’s winning streak?

Famously known as the heel and humanitarian of the Blue brand, Zayn is quite infamous for his devious tactics against most of his opponents. His current heel at Smackdown showcases him as a spoilt brat who doesn’t give a damn to even his boss.

After winning the Intercontinental title at the Clash of the champions, while defeating the likes of Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles, Zayn has proved his mettle as a seasoned campaigner. He has never been the top priority for WWE.

Still, the Current pandemic situation has pushed the management to work it out with their experienced names in empty arenas. So, who could be a better name than Sami Zayn to battle it out against one of the best superstars of the Monday Night Raw.

Lashley, on the other side, would be all fired up after pinning down Retribution’s Slapjack at the Hell in a Cell. So, he will be itching to clear up another barrier en route to his WWE United States championship title defense.

Our prediction for the WWE United States championship at Survivor series

Both Sami Zayn and Bobby Lashley got a reputation for giving their best in every given situation. So the fans can really expect a tough battle from each of the WWE superstars. Still, as per our prediction, we are expecting a victory (on the basis of disqualification) for Sami Zayn, simply due to the same ‘dodgy tactics’ he is famous for.


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