Warriors’ Draymond Green mimics official following technical foul call in NBA semifinal game 1 loss vs Lakers

During Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals between the Golden State Warriors and the LA Lakers, Draymond Green found himself in foul trouble and was called for his fourth personal foul late in the third quarter by official Ed Malloy.

Green continued to discuss the call with Malloy, who eventually gave him a technical foul. Green then mocked Malloy after receiving the technical, and fans were surprised that he wasn’t given a second technical foul that would have led to his ejection from the game. Green continued barking at Malloy as he headed to the bench.

Warriors in trouble as Draymond Green and Jordan Poole still can't get  along | Marca

Despite Green’s propensity to get called for technical fouls, he has always been vocal with referees. In an interview with ESPN’s Tim MacMahon last month, Green discussed his relationship with officials and how he approaches them during games. He explained that he approaches different referees differently based on their approach to the game and how they show respect to players. Green said that he has been in the league for 11 years, so he knows which referees he can talk to and which ones he can’t.

After Ed Malloy called a technical foul on Green, MacMahon tweeted that the two don’t have a great relationship. Green has a good dynamic with most officials but has had a tough time with Malloy. Despite this, Green emphasized the importance of respect when dealing with officials.

Overall, Green’s interaction with Malloy in Game 1 was not surprising given his history of vocalizing his opinions to referees. While some fans thought that a different player may have been given a second technical foul, Green was fortunate to escape ejection. Green’s approach to officials varies based on the referee, but respect is always a key factor.

Draymond Green: Mastering the Art of Earning Deferential treatment from NBA officials

Draymond Green, the NBA player known for his defensive and playmaking skills, has also gained a reputation for on-court antics resulting in technical fouls and ejections. Despite this, Green believes he has earned the respect of referees.

During Game 2 of last year’s NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics, Green received a technical foul early in the game and continued to argue with referees throughout the match. However, he was not ejected from the game and credited his “deferential treatment” to his earned respect from referees.

Warriors 'villain' Draymond Green explains why he won't duck any smoke -  NBC Sports Bay Area

Green proudly wears his “badge of honor” and acknowledges that he may receive special treatment from officials. However, he also emphasizes that he has earned this treatment through his hard work and dedication to the game. While Green may continue to receive technical fouls and push the boundaries on the court, he remains confident in his abilities and his relationship with referees.


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