Warriors star Draymond Green gets one-game ban for kicking Kings C Domantas Sabonis

The Golden State Warriors will be without star player Draymond Green for their crucial Game 3 matchup against the Sacramento Kings on Thursday.

The NBA announced on Tuesday that Green has been suspended for stomping on the chest of Kings’ big man Domantas Sabonis during Monday’s Game 2. The league noted that the decision to suspend him “was based in part on Green’s history of unsportsmanlike acts.”

Earlier on Tuesday, The Athletic and Stadium’s Shams Charania reported that it was “looking unlikely” that Green would be banned for a game. However, after the suspension was announced, Charania noted that “most around Warriors and the situation Tuesday believed a fine was coming.”

In the fourth quarter of Golden State’s Game 2 loss to Sacramento, Sabonis fell to the ground and grabbed Green’s leg. After freeing his leg, Green stepped on Sabonis’ chest area, resulting in a flagrant 2 foul and an ejection for Green. Sabonis was given a technical foul.

Green defended his actions, saying, “My leg got grabbed—the second time in two nights—and the referee is just watching. I got to land my foot somewhere, and I’m not the most flexible person, so it’s not stretching that far. … I can only step so far with someone pulling my leg away.”

Sabonis underwent X-rays on his chest following the incident, and Green also requested to undergo X-rays on his ankle.

Green’s suspension could be a significant blow to the Warriors, as the last time he was suspended for a playoff game, they went on to lose the 2016 NBA Finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers. With Green out, the defending champions could fall into a 0-3 hole in their series against the Kings.

The Physicality of Draymond Green: A Double-Edged Sword

Draymond Green is known for his physical play on the basketball court. While this trait can be an asset for his team, it can also lead to trouble. Green’s aggressive style of play has earned him a reputation for flagrant fouls and unsportsmanlike behavior.

The 198 cm tall athlete’s physicality is often an advantage for the Golden State Warriors. His ability to play both offense and defense with equal intensity makes him a versatile player. However, his approach can also lead to consequences. He has been suspended multiple times throughout his career, including a suspension in the 2016 NBA Finals that arguably cost his team the championship.

The star forward’s competitive nature and willingness to push the limits can be both a blessing and a curse. While his physicality helps him dominate on the court, it also puts him at risk of penalties and suspensions. For Green, finding the right balance between physicality and control is essential to his success as a player.


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