Watch: Cardinals WR Rondale Moore shows off gnarly injury

The NFC west points table looks nothing less than a mirror; while the 49ers are at the top with twelve victories and four defeats, the Cardinals are upsidedown at the bottom with four wins and twelve losses. This is one of the worst seasons for the team from Arizona, mainly due to their poor run with their offensive lineup.

Things got even worse when one of their primary offense- wide receiver Rondale Moor was struck with a groin injury. However, the story does not end there; the wide receiver also suffers from a broken finger as his pinky is pointing at eleven o’clock. Moore shared a picture of his broken pinky, which got viral within moments making the fans sick looking at the dreadful image.

What picture did WR Rondale Moore share?

The young 22-year-old shared a picture on Wednesday, and it not only made fans feel sorry for the player but also made them disgusted having a glance at the horrifying scene.

Cardinals WR Rondale Moore
Rondale Moore’s broken pinky.

Moreover, the picture’s setting suggests Moor might have been to the doctor getting his broken finger treated in some hospital in Beverly Hills. On the other hand, as people saw the picture, they wanted more details about it, so social media fluctuated with images and videos of Moor’s pinky. 

How did fans react?

Even with such a horrific sight, the fans did not stop there; they also put their “finger” on the matter and “pointed out” others with similar issues. 

“Shawn Marion got a bent pinky too” a fan pointed out.

Though a lot of fans were empathetic towards Moore, others could not stop themselves from launching a “humor attack”.

A fan wrote, “This happened to me when I was 16. I popped it back into place myself. It locks up on me sometimes now. I don’t think I got it exactly right.”

“Damn that looks like Boogers hand” another added.

Jokes apart, fans will be hoping Rondale recovers soon and return inside the playing yards, and produce something out of the box for the Cardinal.


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