Buccaneers’ star QB Tom Brady donates money to Damar Hamlin’s charity toy drive following Bills DB’s cardiac arrest

Tom Brady is the biggest star of the NFL, and once again, he proves why fans love constantly love him. Throughout the week, the NFL world has talked about only one thing- Damar Hamlin’s accident during the match against the Bengals. 

Like all other Monday night matches, Bills vs. Bengals was extremely hyped, as one of the teams would go into the playoffs winning the game. However, the game could not last for long due to Hamlin’s cardiac arrest. The safety for the Bills made a tackle to Cincinnati Bengals’ wide receiver Tee Higgins and fell; Damar stood up only to fall again within moments.

Tom Brady
Damar Hamlin’s tackle before becoming unconscious.

The NFL world since then has been in a grim situation- players and fans could not believe their eyes, yet everyone stayed strong, sending love, support, and prayer to the Bills’ safety and his family. 

On the other hand, Damar is an empathetic player, especially to his community- throughout his career, he has constantly tried to provide for underprivileged children by sending them toys. He started his toy drive with a goal of $2,500. However, after his terrifying incident, people began to notice his contributions toward the deprived children and showed strong support. Tom Brady is no different.

How did Tom Brady support Damar Hamlin’s toy drive?

Up until today, the toy drive of the Hamlin has received an outstanding $7 million donation. Players and fans across sports and the globe has tried their best to support both Damar and his kind intentions to help the children. Being a great man, Tom Brady has also come forward to show his support with an impressive amount of $10,000.

The support Hamlin has received, especially for his toy drive, will indeed cheer him up when he makes his grand comeback. However, for Damar to step back on the field, he must recover. So, let us all hope and pray that the 24-year-old recovers soon. Until then, like Tom Brady and many others, we can all support the player by donating to his toy drive.

To donate to the toy drive, click here. Stay tuned as we bring more health updates on Damar Hamlin.


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