NFL clarifies doubt regarding Bills vs Bengals game halt following Damar Hamlin incident

Monday Night Football games are always highly anticipated, and when teams compete for the playoffs, everyone gets glued to the TV or their seats in the stands; the game Bills vs. Bengals was no different. The game was going well as the Bengals had the upper hand with a 7-3 lead when suddenly the match had to stop. 

The game paused for over an hour, leaving fans with multiple questions and anger. Afterward, Fans discovered that Damar Hamlin, the Bills’ safety, had a heart attack in the ongoing match.

After many attempts in the field, Hamlin could not recover and was later taken to the hospital. On the other hand, the match was not resumed and was abandoned, leaving fans with many questions, which the NFL clarified.

damar hamlin
Damar Hamlin injury update: Bills safety in “a confusion of the heart” condition.

What were the clarifications from the NFL?

After halting the eighteenth-week Monday night match, the NFL clarified to their audiences why they could not continue the game. In a tweet, the NFL mentions the causes for them to take such an action. The NFL is quite concerned and in continuous contact with the medical team and the teams played. Not only that they are also not planning to resume the game. What could be inferred from the tweet is NFL is not really in a hurry regarding any decision here as they even did not plan any change for Week 18. But they will notify fans when information is available. 


Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, also notified all 32 teams of the situation with Hamlin and the possibility of a makeup game-

“No decision has been made regarding the possible resumption of the game at a later date and we have not announced any changes to this weekend’s schedule. We will promptly advise all clubs of any decisions that are made regarding these matters.”

Which question was left unanswered?

The question that the NFL did not answer is if the match does not resume shortly, what might be a possible result? Will the game go down as a draw, or will the Bengals win as they were in the driver’s seat with a four points lead?

Nothing is certain till now, but we let you know as soon as we receive further updates. So, stay tuned and find out!


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