Cristiano Ronaldo ends almost two-decade relationship with Jorge Mendes, hires new manager after his move to Al-Nassr

After completing his transfer to Al Nassr Fc from Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo has become the topic of debate around the world, with reports indicating a split between Ronaldo and his agent Jorge Mendes is imminent.

For over a decade, Jorge Mendes served as the legendary footballer’s agent. Thanks to his client’s moves from Real Madrid to Juventus and then to Manchester United, Mendes raked in a handsome sum of money.

During the summer transfer window of 2020, it was reported that Manchester City, Chelsea, and Bayern Munich were among the clubs most interested in signing Cristiano Ronaldo.

A potential fairytale reunion to end his career prompted the star to transfer to the red side of Manchester, but the tide turned against the Portuguese star player in the final moment.

Ronaldo is not happy with his fellow compatriot Jorge Mendes as he failed to negotiate and expected better treatment than he received in Old Trafford and was later forced to terminate the contract. But a clear communication from Mendes could have turned the whole situation and he might have still played in Europe.

Ronaldo was so frustrated by the mess Mendes made that he was spotted ignoring his agent on purpose after the World Cup.

Ronaldo hired a new manager, Ricardo Regufe. It is understood that Regufe – met Ronaldo when he was still in Madrid, and it is reported that he was very important to make the deal to Saudi happen and will be pocketing a huge amount of $26 million through the deal.

Jorge Mendes, on the other hand, has nothing to gain as he was not even informed about the deal. He will now look for an exit and will no longer represent Cristiano Ronaldo as an agent.

Ronaldo completed his transfer to Saudi Club Al Nasr on Monday and was officially unveiled in front of a huge number of 25000 fans. He is looking forward to making his Al Nassr debut against Al Tai on January 5, 2021.


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