Watch: Celtics’ Jayson Tatum gifts jersey to Eagles WR DeVonta Smith after incredible victory vs 76ers

On Saturday, Jayson Tatum, the superstar of the Boston Celtics, delivered an epic game-winning performance that shattered the hopes of Philadelphia 76ers fans. 

Jayson Tatum sank the hearts of Philadelphia fans Saturday night, and this moment likely rubbed salt in the wound. However, amidst the disappointment, Tatum managed to bring a smile to the face of one Philadelphia resident.

After the Celtics secured a narrow 110-107 victory, Tatum had a heartwarming interaction with Devonta Smith, the wide receiver for Philadelphia Eagles. Tatum gifted his game-worn jersey to Smith and even signed it as they engaged in conversation.

DeVonta Smith is an ardent supporter of the Boston Celtics. This fact is widely recognized. When he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2021, he made a surprising revelation. He shared that his loyalty to the Celtics will remain unshaken and cannot noone can alter it.

“You can for sure get me to the game, but convert me? I don’t know about that one,” Smith said at the time, per NBC Sports.

Undoubtedly, DeVonta Smith faced significant backlash when he confessed his allegiance to the Boston Celtics. For Philadelphia fans it is considered taboo to support any other sports team. Especially to support a heated rival like the Celtics.

However, Smith’s latest gesture is likely to attract even more criticism. After the Sixers’ devastating loss to the Celtics, Smith approached Jayson Tatum. As a result, it won’t be surprising if the loyal Philly fans demand the Eagles to cut him.

But kudos to the Eagles’ wide receiver for having the courage to follow his heart and stick to his fandom. Devonta Smith is truly living up to his earlier statement of not abandoning his team.

Fortunately for Smith, Jayson Tatum appeared to bear no grudges towards the receiver despite his previous tweet about Tatum lacking intensity during the NBA Finals last season.

Saturday’s game was a rollercoaster of emotions for Philadelphia fans, and seeing their star receiver receive a gift from a Boston player, in the end, will likely make it difficult for them to sleep.

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