Watch: Lebron James blushes after seeing a female Lakers fan amid match vs Rockets

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar is pretty acquainted with the center of attention. However, it seems feminine existence might startle him a little after an incident in the last game.

The Lakers faced the Houston Rockets and got out on top with a 140–132 score thanks to Lebron James’ magnanimous solo performance. It also caught the eye of a female fan on the court, which went viral after the game.

What actually happened to LeBron James?

Yesterday’s Lakers game at Arena featured another King James performance. Despite being on the injured list, he had to start the game against the Rockets and single-handedly won it.

During the game, LeBron took a moment to catch his breath by leaning on his knee. Suddenly, he noticed a lovely lady with beady eyes staring at him from the sideline stand. Her unequivocal attention made the four-time NBA champion blush.

The clip went viral on social media within moments. NBA fans again realized how an attractive lady can change the atmosphere on the hardwood in seconds.

What are the fans’ reactions to LeBron James’ blush?

We, the fans, enjoyed the wholesome moment and didn’t forget to express our feelings on social media.

We appear to have received new meme material for at least a couple of days. It’s no surprise anymore that the 18-time pro bowler was always shy in front of female fans. Although another NBA star, Jordan Poole, appeared to enjoy such teasing.

Lebron James scored 48 points last night with eight rebounds and nine assists, which was the main contribution to a stale performance from other teammates. With a consistent injury saga, the Los Angeles Lakers are the 13th seed in the Western Conference.


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