Watch: LeBron James puts crown on his head after fans boo him during Chiefs vs Eagles game at Super Bowl LVII

Given that the Super Bowl is the most anticipated sporting event in America, the 57th edition of this event draws a slew of celebrities from every industry from across the country, and LeBron James wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to shine on such a magnificent podium.

Along with showbiz celebrities like Jay-Z, Paul Rudd, Drake, and Adele, there were tech billionaire Elon Musk, Bradley Cooper, Rihanna, and many more that we noticed during the game. Their family was also with them, enjoying the most entertaining game of the season.

However, as popular as Lebron James is, he experienced some noticeable jeering from the crowd, which the King handled pretty maturely and professionally.

What did LeBron James do at Super Bowl LVII?

The Los Angeles Lakers living legend appeared at Arizona’s State Farm Stadium with his wife, Savanna James. When the Lakers legend was shown on the screen, the crowd literally booed him, and that didn’t go unnoticed.

The highest-scoring NBA player in history dealt with the negativity in a classy manner, making the hand gesture of wearing a crown on his head.

The King does what a king does, and Lebron has proven again why he is the King of basketball. It wasn’t something new he faced in his life.

Making a career in the most competitive basketball league in the world, the 38-year-old had experienced enough backlash and criticism for a lifetime and subsequently learned how to deal with it.

Despite an 18-year consecutive all-star who has played at the top of his game throughout his long career, the Lakers are in a troubling position in the league, ranking 13th in the Western Conference.

Even after breaking Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s record and becoming the most prolific point scorer in NBA history, there are some who refuse to accept the legends the league has produced.


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