Super Bowl LVII: NFL fans outraged over the condition of State Farm Stadium field during Chiefs vs Eagles game

The NFL and State Farm Stadium’s maintenance crew had gone through extensive measures to organize Super Bowl LVII, but the fans were not particularly satisfied.

The Arizona Cardinals’ home venue, State Farm Stadium, was prepared for the Super Bowl game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. It was also being used for the Fiesta Bowl every year, but this was the third time they arranged the game after the 42nd and 49th editions.

However, the players and fans had a different experience than a pitch that was supposed to be ready for the year’s most prestigious event.

How did the NFL fans react to State Farm Stadium’s pitch at the Super Bowl?

The NFL has spent approximately $800,000 on field maintenance, which has been laid out in the sun for the last two weeks. However, during the game, the player was slipping on the ground frequently.

The fans were not expecting such a below-standard performance last night, and they expressed their feelings harshly. CNN’s senior reporter Oliver Darcy wrote on Twitter, “And now it’s destroyed.”

A professional fitness coach and physical therapist, Dr. Rajpal Brar, said, “They should ask for a refund.”

The grass of the pitch was made to feel original and traditional, but instead, it appeared as a typical local football field. However, playing in such a competitive, high-voltage game, players’ opportunities to get injured are exponentially high.

Even though they had to prepare the pitch for a regular game, it appears the NFL can’t stay out of the spotlight. What’s your opinion regarding the pitch? Please share it with us in the comments.


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