Super Bowl LVII: NFL fans voice concussion concern as Eagles’ QB Jalen Hurts slams his head on Turf during game vs Chiefs

As the most anticipated and climactic game of the season, NFL fans were extremely engaged in all aspects of Super Bowl LVII last night.

After waiting two weeks since the last game, the NFL community is hugging like a shark and was enthralled during the whole game. They booed NBA superstar Lebron James, cheered for Rihanna, and even questioned the State Farm Stadium’s pitch.

But after all, they raised a practical, justifiable concern during the game when Jalen Hurts crashed on the ground and slammed the back of his head.

How did the NFL fans react regarding the concussion issue during the Super Bowl?

During the second quarter, the Philadelphia Eagles faced a 4th and 5 situation; the quarterback rushed with the ball and gained some yardage. He was tackled by the Chiefs players and was pushed out of the field just before the 10-yard line. The young quarterback collapsed to the ground, his head bouncing on the grass.

Following the crash, the 24-year-old was seen calling for assistance to get up but wasn’t taken out for concussion treatment. Even if the bounce appears normal, you can never be sure when it comes to concussion.

Previously, the Miami Dolphins’ young quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, suffered from this head injury, even though the medical team cleared him to play, and the concussion issue persisted, eventually forcing him out of the game.

These irresponsibilities and negligences have come to light recently, and the NFL community urges the authority to provide their favorite players with health, safety, and security. However, even in an event like the Super Bowl, they failed to demonstrate such a practice.

What are your thoughts on Jalen Hurts slamming his head on the ground? Shouldn’t he be checked for a potential concussion? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


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