Super Bowl LVII: Black national anthem performed at Eagles vs Chiefs game sparks debate on social media

The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LVII playing against the Eagles. While many fans debate who the better quarterback is between Mahomes and Hurts, others have pointed out something extremely concerning that might change football for good. 

Before the game began, the pre-game festivities had many songs played, including “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” This song is considered the “Black national anthem,” sung by Sheryl Lee Ralph.

However, having a separate anthem for a community would never be taken positively. Black people of America would likely consider themselves separated from the diverse group of Americans living in the States. 

Moreover, this song did bring up the dark past of the States. Black people were considered the “other” and treated as enslaved. So, when fans heard the song, they did not take it positively. 

Many fans were outraged and questioned the NFL on social media platforms for having a separate Black national anthem. Most of these reactions can be spotted on Twitter.

What did fans say regarding the “Black national anthem”?

Most fans could not believe that the NFL was promoting the song “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” as the Black national anthem for the third consecutive year.

A fan wrote on Twitter, “America only has ONE NATIONAL ANTHEM. Why is the NFL trying to divide us by playing multiple!? Do football, not wokeness.”

Another fan added, “’Black National Anthem’ is an oxymoron. We are ONE nation under God. If you think otherwise, you’re in support of segregation. It’s that simple.”

Moreover, many fans also pointed out that the anthem dates back to1 917. During that time, NAACP promoted “Lift Every Voice and Sing” as the separate national anthem for Blacks. 

On the other hand, the NFL should reconsider the anthem. There should not be something separate for a certain community. America is a multi-racial country, and if “Big” leagues like the NFL continues to promote separation among the different communities, racism will continue to grow. Let us hope we can get rid of racism.

What is your take on the “Black national anthem”? You can share your opinion in the comments.


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